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Sign your commits (without GPG Suite) 2023-02-05

About signing your commits without GPG Suite

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Last time I used GPG Suite, but it became too annoying with its ads for Mail addon. So I decided to dig deeper and use console clients as much as possible.

Here is a refreshed no-bullshit-no-gpg-suite guide:

  • brew install gpg pinentry-mac - install these
  • ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf - add pinentry-program /opt/homebrew/bin/pinentry-mac (or whatever does which pinentry-mac)
  • killall gpg-agent - this will restart and new config will be used
  • generate a key (as usual)
  • gpg --list-keys - chose the key you would like to use (it looks something like ABCDEFGHE123123123)
  • git config user.signingkey ABCDEFGHE123123123 - add the key to your repo config
  • git config commit.gpgsign true - enable commits signing
  • commit something
  • git log --show-signature - check your logs to make sure it worked