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Osdrek Lutrunn 2019-04-02

A Strolling Paladin of Damara

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Osdrek was born in the family of a priest Bordan Lutrunn. Bordan served in a church not far from Damara.

At the age of 15 Osdrek witnessed a scary scene when his farther’s church was demolished by a group of bandits.

Osdrek was taught by his father and learned a lot about religion history when he was young. At the age of 20 Osdrek moved to Damara and entered the Seminary by recommendation of his father. But he didn’t finish it and went to the army.

He served as a soldier for 10 years, participated in numerous battles. After 20 years of serving he decided to settle down and return to Damara, where he became a church servant.

But he never forgot the adventures he took during his years in the army and started to lose himself. He respected the priest in the church, who mentored him on his religious path. This priest, Vicar Guerart, offered Osdrek for pilgrimage. And so, Osdrek agreed, prepared for the journey and left his home town once again.

That is how he became a Strolling Paladin of Damara…