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Treat everything the same way you treat ChatGPT 2023-08-06

A reminder to myself about working with expectations

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If you are reading this, then you have probably used ChatGPT. And you’ve probably been in a situation where you didn’t like the way it reacted. Try to remember how you felt when ChatGPT started to hallucinate. Were you angry? Was it funny? Did you manage to make sense of your original question?

I’m pretty sure you didn’t feel angry or disappointed by ChatGPT’s responses. You probably expected this behaviour. A quick smile, a quiet sigh, moving on.

This attitude is exactly how you should treat everything around you. You shouldn’t expect much, you know things can go wrong, but you don’t get upset or angry about it.

It feels like the modern world has forgotten this way of thinking. For some reason we want to be angry about the comments on the recent article, we want the author of the article to be right.

The world becomes much more manageable when you lower your expectations.