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paste 2023-09-10

Yet another paste bin


Full summary and technical details are available on GitHub. Here are the main features:

  • written in Go
  • self-contained binary (except the database, if used), no need for cgo
  • can be used with SQLite, including in-memory setup (use DB_DSN=:memory:)
  • can (probably) be used witn PostgreSQL, which is supported, but wasn’t tested (please open a PR if you find a bug)
  • uses htmx and TailwindCSS
  • syntax highlighting using chroma (the same one used in Hugo)
  • resulting pastes can be suffixed with the extension (.md, .py, etc.) and highlighted accordingly
  • the contents are selectable with Ctrl+A and line-numbers will not be copied (see tips & tricks if you are using Firefox)

Live version hosted by me - https://pb.biozz.dev.

#open source #go